Where to Buy Kefir Grains?

where to buy kefir

Kefir is simply a drink that is made from kefir grains and milk, water, coconut milk, soy or goats milk. Depending on which type of kefir grains you use (dairy or water) you will basically let the grains ferment in the solution of choice, leaving it for a few days until it is ready to drink. You will need to aquire some good starter kefir grains so that you can make your kefir drink, searching the links to your right will provide some good sources to buy kefir grains.

A Few Health Benefits of Drinking Kefir

Kefir drink has been known to have a wide range of health benefits from Candida to intestinal cleansing. Kefir has been found to aide in the lowering of blood pressure and also helps lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. What this means is kefir is excellent for cardiac health and can assit in avoiding heart problems in the future if drank on a regular basis. Homemade Kefir drink is also known as the athletes diet and marathoners diet. It is preferred by athletes because it contains very little fats and is in fact good for keeping your heart in shape. The folic acid contained in the kefir drink is also important in keeping the body lean and to avoid cardiac problems.

For people that suffer from lactose intolerance or the inability to digest complex sugars found in milk, kefir health drink made from whole milk can be taken in place of fresh milk. This is due to the fact that kefir fermentation assists in breaking down the lactose in milk from complex sugars to simple sugars that the body can easily digest.

So if you're interested in making your own kefir drink, which you should be because it's so much more healthier for you than the commercial products available, than continue reading the articles on this site to learn more about kefir and where to buy kefir grains to make your own.

Go here to buy milk kefir grains or here to buy water kefir grains.

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